image2This past summer I haven’t done much blogging because of the nice weather, my job commitments etc. I’m still here and i’ve got a lot to talk about so let me start by sharing what i’ve been planning for the layout. As you know my layout is made up of 3 modular sections… “The CP/CN Junction” (module 1), “The yard lead” (module 2 featured in most of my photos) and lastly “The CNR North Bay yard”.

My focus is to finish “the junction” module by December 2016. I’ve already started hand laying tracks, building, wiring the road crossing and did some basic scenery work.

Here are some pictures of the CN crossing, the CP Rail interchange track is on the left of the picture. It connects to the CP North Bay sub. in the background.


All of the CN Alderdale Subdivision west of module 2 is now completed. This weekend I plan on focusing on getting the CP interchange track down and tested. The road crossing was the most time consuming part of the whole project. I hand cut scale lumber to custom fit this odd road crossing. then I had to test sand down the flange ways so the train wheels can smoothly roll through the crossing without derailing. As for the crossing gates I used NJ international pre-assembled gates to protect the road however I think the crossing gate arms are too short and don’t match the prototype. I plan on making longer arms out of styrene strips to match the proper length of 15ft.


The crossing gates have an interesting story. The crossing gates are salvaged from my North Toronto module I built as a teen. I learned may lessons on how not to install working grade crossings on that diorama lol.  Now.. I wanted to match the round concrete bases that most of the gated crossings in the North Bay area have. I achieved that by using a large diameter styrene tube. The tube doesn’t just add realism. Once its painted it works as a way to neatly thread the wires to the circuit board under the layout that operates the crossing. As you can see in the picture there’s a smaller second tube. This tube is used to house the small steel arm that opens and closes the gate. It needs to be clear of any layout scenery obstructions so the servo under the layout can raise and lower the arm properly.


This past March I attended the 2016 Toronto prototype modellers meet. I put 3 of my models on display my CN slug 223, CN GP40 9312 and my CN GP9RM. 223 seemed like an interesting addition to the the meet but I never thought it would be featured in the August edition of RMC. I hope to have both the GP9RM and 223 fully completed for the  March 2017 meet!


I have a couple models I’m currently working on for the next meet and hope to have them finished  and ready to display.

Before I go into more details about what I have planned for the 2017 RPM meet I’d like to thank  Trevor Marshall for featuring my work as part of RMC’s coverage of the Toronto RPM meet. You can check out his amazing S scale layout here

The models that should be finished for March include my CP GMD SD40, CP GMD GP38-2 and the rest? Well, That was the hint. 😉

With all that said I hope to post some more progress pics later this week. Hope y’all enjoyed my story/gallery. There is a lot more to come. Happy model railroading!