GP9rm #7278 Hits The Shops

My GP9rm belt pack unit #7278 has been sitting on my work bench since 2014 and was desperately in needed some tlc. So with that in mind and some free time on my hands. I decided to start working on painting and detailing this old girl. Let me say one thing before I go any further. THIS PROJECT WAS NOT EASY!! This unit is and was definitely a challenge to get together so far. I will explain why below..

Rewind back to 2014:

I bought this unit off eBay 4 years ago before Kaslo Shops really had anything directly available online. Assembling it was easy..  I literally put the unit together a day after it came in the mail. Quickly finding out the seller didn’t include or lost some parts some parts half way through my build was a bit of a downer. With all the major parts missing I decided to give it a break till I could source out the right parts. Luckily I found some replacement parts and continued the build till I got bored and left it on the shelf for a couple of years.

So here we are now. A couple of years later..

With the all the major details applied back in 2014. I started by airbrushing the shell with a blend of acrylics mixed to match the prototype #7278. This particular unit was my first attempt at the CN North America livery and was a massive learning experience to say the least! It took half a roll of Tamiya masking tape to mask off all the areas that needed red and white. A lot of trial and error went into painting this unit I got everything right. Another new practise I decided to undertake on this project was deciding to spray the yellow safety stripe on the side sill. Something I’ve never done before. The results where rather satisfying. No more messing around with spaghetti like decals that break before applying.. Also saves me from the constant cursing that goes with it! Win!! 🙂 Anyway. Now that the unit is fully painted. I’m currently working on adding a plethora of detail parts from various aftermarket suppliers before installing the railings.

A brief history:

CN 7278 was one of the last GP9s rebuilt by CN in 1992 at Pointe Ste. Charles Shops in Montreal. Part of a rebuild program for old GP9 units that stretched from the mid 80s to the early 90s.  It was originally built by GMD Canada in 1959 as a light weight GP9 #4289. #7278 was cosmetically and mechanically rebuilt equipped with belt pack (remote control). #7278 was part of a group of GP9 mother daughter units that where semi permanently Mu-d to a 200 series GP9 slug and assigned to yard service. This particular unit was assigned to Symington yard in Winnipeg however moved throughout system from time to time. It was retired a couple of years ago and its status is unknown. Possibly sold or scrapped.

Here’s where I’m at with the unit so far. Work continues. I’ll be back soon with another update in a couple of weeks or so..

FullSizeRender (1)
Here is 7278 ready to get its waste retention tank. The waste retention tank (foreground) was made using a hollow styrene beam with capped ends. It matches the prototype tank quite well and will be airbrushed separately. Should’ve added the run off valves and piping before taking this pic..      D’oh!