A Quick CN #7278 GP9RM Update

My Cn 7278 project has progressing quite nicely so far. I’ve been trying to squeeze in as many hours into it as possible. It has been a very time-consuming project that I initially wanted to get done in time for the 2018 Toronto RPM Meet which is in a couple of weeks. I soon realized that it wouldn’t be even close to being finished in time and didn’t want to rush it. It’s better to do things slowly the right way rather than rush it and just get-r dun. Something I’ve learned the hard way in the past.  With that said I recently finished the “cab face” and interior. The locomotive cab interior is not included in the Kaslo kit so I bought one made by Miniatures By Eric. It consists of 4 brass parts. 2 seats, control stand and radio. I went ahead and painted the cab interior a shade of tan even though the real #7278 had a black and white interior. I found painting the cab interior a tan colour makes it more visible through the glass. After mounting the assembly on a styrene insert. I installed the interior into the shell after the glass inserts where permanently glued in. I realized while writing this article that taking a picture would’ve been a good idea before permanently installing. Oh well. Live and learn I guess…


After the cab interior was finished I turned my attention to the cab face. The cab face was a bit of a challenge. Call it a face lift.. Literally. 😉 My model of CN #7278 initially had a 3 class light configuration and low number boards making the cab look a bit off in appearance compared to the prototype. The real CN 7278 had a dual class light arrangement meaning I had to take all the etched parts off. (Something I realized after painting. D’oh!) I quickly modified them and “re-re-re-painted” the front of the cab. 3rd times the charm I guess. You can see the new arrangement in the pic above. Once I was happy with the cab I proceeded with the installation of the glass. Installing the glass was pretty straightforward however VERY time-consuming. All windows with exception of the all weather windows (not done yet) took me a good 2hrs to install. Each individual glass insert is mounted internally with canopy glue to keep them clear followed by the windshield wipers on the outside. With the cab glass assembled and cab interior installed work continues on the long list of things that need to get #7278 closer to being complete. I plan on bringing CN #7278 (in whatever phase its in) along with GP40 #9316 (article coming soon) to the Toronto RPM meet in a couple weeks. If you’re attending stop by and take look. Anyway.. That’s it for this update. Happy modelling! 🙂

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