A Quick Junction Update

  As you probably know I recently stopped working on the Alderdale Subdivision project for a bit to build another layout based on the Simcoe region of Ontario. I’ve been working on this 3 module project since last summer and I’m happy to say that most of the big projects such as wiring and track laying are now out-of-the-way. Yes! Now I can finally deal with the fun stuff. Speaking of the fun stuff.. The scenery is almost complete on “The Junction” module (Module #1). This module was made to loosely represent Medonte Ontario. Below you can see Dunn’s Line road that passes just east of the CP/CN diamond.  Dunn’s Line is your typical farm road. To make it I used real sifted dirt glued to a cork bed then coloured with weathering powders and chalk pastels.

CN cabooseThe train seen above is known as the Midland Turn and is operated as #251 on my layout. It serves the port of Midland Ontario and it’s grain terminal along with the various aggregate quarries along the Midland branch. Today #251 has paused at the CP/CN just east of the junction to let the train crew line the connecting switch for a gondola set out for the CPR. CN #251 is usually a short train consisting of 4 aggregate cars up front and a couple of odds n ends to set off for the CPR here in Medonte. The train terminates on the last module (Yard module #3) and gets broken up to be added to the main line freights that roll trough on the main. Below is a shot of a Midland bound freight. On the point is GMD1 #1054. Today’s train is fairly light consisting of two hoppers for the quarry and will return from Midland with a couple of 40ft grain boxcars from the ADM mill.

cnr gmd
CN 1054 is my stand-in local switcher. As of right now it takes care of all the local freight jobs in the area and will soon be replaced by a pair of SW1200rs. Once the SW1200’s arrive this GMD1 will be weathered and used in the yard to switch outbound trains.

The next major project to do on this module is to make evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are a must in this area and finding/building the right ones are going to pose a bit of a challenge.  I think a lot of modellers tend to overlook these types of trees due to the sheer challenge and cost of accurately making them. With that said I’m off to make trees. Hope you enjoyed this small post. Happy modelling!

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