The Ravine!

Today I put some time in on the layout slowly moving the greenery Eastward towards the Yard. On todays to-do list is a light layer of sifted dirt, static grass and some various trackside details. Some of the details include line side code line poles, snow fighting equipment and speed limit signs. Here is the result of my work so far. (I take some of my pictures in black n white due to the fact that I don’t have any lighting installed yet) :

The mile board indicates “Octopus 85.96” as the junction point (fictional name) between Newmarket and Mildland Subdivisions. The Midland splits off to the left and the Newmarket continues North. You can see the CPR Mactier Sub. in the background it parallels the CNR line for bit then disappears into staging. I run everything from sw1200’s to heavy duty SD40-2s on the CPR main line. The sign along the CPR  in the background indicates a whistle for the crossing and the green triangle below indicates junction point ahead.

The speed limit/Flanger signs are made from decals made by rapido and add operational realism to any layout. I usually cut them right off the decal paper, paint the back black and dull coat them so they don’t crumble. They are mounted on brass wire and then the wire painted black or silver depending on the prototype. In terms of operations the signs identify the speed limit in this area. For example. The Midland Branch (Right) is 10MPH and the Newmarket (Left) is 60MPH/80MPH. 80 for the Canadian along with the RDC’s I run on this layout.. The flanger signs warn the plow trains in the winter to lift their blades on crossings and switches. You don’t see very many today but in the mid 70s and 80s they where everywhere along Canada’s rail network. They came in two colours white and black for CPR and black and white for CNR.


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