Test & Tune!

CN GP9rm 7278 finally stretches her legs after almost 4 years of sitting disassembled on the workbench. The fact that CN 7278 is running under her own power is kind of a big deal for me. It marks a bit of a millstone on my model railroading journey. That milestone being the first time ever rebuilding, milling and re-assembling a working chassis to fit under a resin kit shell. Basically a fully working custom-built locomotive. Just the fact that it works without issue is nothing short of a miracle. Or what some would call a success 😉

Below are two shots of CNR 7278 creeping across Dunn’s Line Road during one of the units initial test runs. The locomotive is currently on the connection track between the CN Midland Subdivision and the CP Mactier Subdivision on the new layout.

image1 (7)

image2 (2)

Now that I know that the locomotive runs. I have to break it in. I usually do this by running the locomotive back and forth on the layout a couple of times to get the oil to evenly coat the gears. Once I finish the break in process I MU the locomotive to a pair of other units to see how it fares out. Depending on its response (Ex. coupler tension or slack) I a can determine how to speed match it with the rest of the CN fleet. So far there are no problems with this particular unit and it runs well with the rest of the fleet. A lot of mods were done to the gears, trucks and frame to get it to this point. I will cover how I did all of that in the final CN 7278 article that will be posted once the locomotive is fully completed. With that said this locomotive is nearing the home stretch at this point, a couple of grabs here n there, some LED’s, and of course the installation of the handrails. Slowly the list gets smaller as the project progresses. Anyway that marks the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed this quick update. Happy modelling 🙂

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